We enable businesses to achieve high performance while keeping humanity at the core.

Who We Are

Balance Potential is more than a workplace wellness company - we provide people-centric solutions to business challenges through wellness, leadership, and engagement programs. We blend innate human wisdom with forward thinking strategies to transform company culture and equip people to perform at their peak.

What We Do

Workplace Wellness

Learn how to build the framework for a purposeful, engaged, and thriving workforce.

On-Site Health Services

Bring one-on-one health consultations, treatments and coaching to your office.

Disease & Burnout Prevention

Increase productivity with programs that target the health needs of your employees.

Wellness Consultancy

Work with an expert who will help you develop strategic wellness programs.

Conscious Leadership

Cultivate leadership qualities and presence, and learn to lead from the inside out.

Why Workplace Wellness

With the rise of mental health issues, chronic diseases, and other work-and lifestyle-related ailments across the globe, workplace wellness is now at the forefront as an essential channel for health promotion and disease prevention.

Percent of chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease, are preventable
Percent of people in Hong Kong have at least one dimension of work-related stress
Percent of people in Hong Kong have at least one musculoskeletal-related condition
Percent of people in Hong Kong sleep less than 7 hours per night which can lead to sleep deprivation
Days of productivity are lost in Hong Kong each year because of health-related issues

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What Our Clients Say

Head of Compensation & Benefits
Barclays Asia

Balance Potential offers a lot of fascinating wellness programs and all the instructors are very engaging and professional. Our employees always look forward for the event and feel refreshed after each of the session.

Managing Director
Hong Kong

[MeManagement] is a very practical, hands-on workshop. Very useful for difficult corporate situations where individuals feel stuck. Highly recommend to conflict situations.

Senior HR Manager
International Bank, Hong Kong

Many thanks to Judy Xu for presenting a very informative introduction to Chinese Medicine. One of the highlights was the demonstration of practical exercises that could be used in the office and our daily life.

Agenda Consulting

“The [meditation] session was great and spot on for what we needed on the day. What I liked most was that it got my staff to open up a little and take some focus away from our work. The session that we had that followed was super productive and positive…and I would recommend it to others. Linda has a great aura that puts you at ease and she was highly informative and interesting.”

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