Balance Potential is at your service to provide value, not just profit, on an organisational and an individual level. Together, we can transform culture for a better future.


Our mission is to transform company culture through leadership, wellness and engagement. We solve people problems and equip people to perform at their peak by blending innate human wisdom with forward thinking strategies.


Our vision is to enable organisations to achieve high performance in an accelerating world while keeping humanity at its core, and usher in a new paradigm of business where people are more purposeful, engaged, and thriving.


We aim to create a human-centric and trust oriented culture. We are committed to "be the change" and live with authenticity and integrity in everything we do. We support holistic well-being. We are conscious and inspired, yet practical and strategic.

Thriving businesses are driven forward by thriving people.

Through the right data collection and analysis, continuous investment in appropriate health and wellness interventions, and powered by authentic leadership, workplace wellness programs become the framework for a culture that is energetic and high-performing, comprised by individuals who are dedicated to their company's mission and motivated to deliver results. ​

Why Choose Us

Our innovative programs and services offer individuals a variety of ways to be healthy, resilient, efficient, purposeful and successful in the workplace.


We combine forward thinking strategies with innate human wisdom and foresight.

Ecosystem Oriented

We create ecosystems of value in all our partnerships pursuing collaboration over competition.

Trusted Partner

We build our partnerships on trust, integrity and authenticity, and are in it together for the long run.


We personalise all our wellness programs to fit your specific needs and desires.