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2019 Outlook

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Purpose & Profit (May 2019) – More details coming soon. 

Past Events

Balance Potential Conscious Leadership Series – “The Mind of the Leader”

Rasmus Hougaard’s newly released book, “The Mind of the Leader,” based on research of more than 35,000 leaders and interviews with 250 C-level executives, concludes that organisations and leaders aren’t meeting employees’ basic needs of finding meaning, purpose, connection, and genuine happiness in their work. The research found that 65% of employees would forego a pay raise to see their leaders fired. Is the world facing a global leadership crisis? And what does it take to be a good leader today?
On August 26, 2018, academic Steven DeKrey from HKUST, corporate leader Farhan Faruqui from ANZ, consultant Sarah Braid from Accenture and expert Rasmus Hougaard from The Potential Project gathered to discuss the topic of leadership in the 21st century.
“For your business to stay relevant, you have to keep innovating and allow your team to be creative, especially when working with millennials. People-centric leadership and personal authenticity are key,” says Judy Xu, General Manager of Balance Potential, a leading Conscious Leadership Consultancy in Hong Kong.
Prepare to be inspired, empowered, and enlightened as we get together with Rasmus and and Hong Kong’s experts on the topic.

Balance Potential Conscious Leadership Series – “Cultivating Coherent Leadership to Own the Future” and  “The Future of Leadership is Coherence”

The  Balance Potential Conscious Leadership Series launched in October 2017 with a one-day workshop on “Cultivating Coherent Leadership to Own the Future,” led by Tyler Mongan from and developer of the Mind Innovation Lab. In January 2018, Tyler returned to Hong Kong for another CLS workshop “The Future of Leadership is Coherence.”
Tyler actively researches the science behind brain-heart communication, cognitive behaviour, mindfulness practice and how they may powerfully integrate into Coherent Leadership – a state of physiological coherence that enhances cognitive function, creativity, and decision-making, while inspiring the same in organisational teams.  
These CLS workshops were hosted at Fivelements, an urban retreat centre in Sai Kung, Hong Kong. Participants thoroughly enjoy the unique atmosphere and appreciate an opportunity to break away from busy city life. 
 What are participants saying?
 “Very unique and timely take on what’s needed to be an outstanding leader today. The most valuable aspect of this training is its coherent and strong combination of scientific, business, and leadership theories and applications. Highly recommend for those wanting to take their leadership skills to the next level!” – Sam Shoushi, Former Google Associate
“It was simple and very practical, and more so imparts a technique for influencing others while actually attuning to yourself, and that will influence others in a very positive way.” – Head of Brand & Creative Solutions, Google Asia
The content was fascinating and relevant for me, both personally and professionally. Tyler presented it in a way that was effective for my left brain, my right brain and my heart. – Kay Ross, CEO, Kay Ross Marketing  
“Great review of previous concepts, with a revealing, interesting and challenging twist.” – CEO, Great Place to Work (Greater China & Hong Kong)
“The topic on Conscious Leadership is very close to my heart and I believe this is the element many leaders nowadays are lacking and needing to develop themselves through reflecting on their inner-selves; yet many leaders are too busy to stop and think about these concepts that are indeed very important to them unfortunately. Tyler is a very good facilitator, with his depth of knowledge over this topic and I feel very connected to his approaches as well.” – Director L&D, Ocean Park