Conscious Leadership

An exploratory and immersive leadership development program designed for Hong Kong’s most forward-thinking business leaders.


The Conscious Leadership series addresses various dynamics of corporate culture, particularly those that are being disrupted by new technologies and next generations, and the implications for tomorrow’s leaders.

Today’s business world faces increasing uncertainty, as old models are challenged by changing values of human capital, disruptive technology, and greater diversity in work styles. Nevertheless, despite widespread adoption of technologies and job automation, humanity still remains at any organization’s core.

The result is added complexity in strategic decision-making, staff hiring and training processes, and people management – and yet, it does not require complicated solutions.

This is a dawn of a new era, and it demands a different style of leadership.

Series Topics

The Conscious Leadership Series addresses a broad spectrum of topics related to Human Resources, Leadership, and Learning Development – and is always expanding its coverage to meet the key objectives and challenges of today’s business leaders. Some sample topics include:

Emotional Intelligence & Management
Trust-based Culture
Purpose-driven Strategies
Staff Health & Well-being
Employee Engagement
and more.

If you are interested in participating in future Conscious Leadership Series workshops, visit the Events page to learn more.