Conscious Leadership

There is a leadership crisis worldwide. We believe Conscious Leadership and the four Essential Qualities are the solution.

Percent of leaders think they do a good job of engaging their people
Percent of employees say their leaders do a bad job with engagement
Percent of employees would forgo a pay raise to get their boss fired
Percent of employees say they trust strangers more than their own boss

Why Conscious Leadership?

The world is facing a global leadership crisis, from ineffective leadership development initiatives to lack of trust and appreciation in the workplace, and so much more. Conscious Leadership is a movement towards leadership characterised by self-awareness, personal authenticity, and service to others. It’s a way of leading people and organizations forward, all while maintaining humanity at the core. Balance Potential highlights four key traits essential to Conscious Leadership: Self-awareness, Insight > Foresight, Service to others, and Compassion.

The Conscious Leadership movement is sweeping the globe, and Balance Potential is committed to sharing it in Hong Kong. In 2017 we launched the Conscious Leadership Series, a public forum where international thought leaders, senior executives, management consultants, academics, and other professionals come together to learn and discuss. It is a platform that facilitates the sharing of knowledge, growth, inspiration and connection, and equips us with tools and insights for developing tomorrow's leaders. See highlights from past Conscious Leadership Series events and what we have planned for the year ahead.

What does it mean to be a conscious leader?

A conscious leader applies tools to develop self-awareness and insight that leads to foresight, does the inner work to become his/her most authentic self, and compassionately serves others. Let’s explore these essential qualities further:

Self Awareness

Self-awareness is the conscious knowledge of your character and feelings. This can result from practicing mindfulness, or non-judgmental observation of yourself. Having a deep understanding of who you are and what your purpose is beneath layers of limiting beliefs and mindsets enables you to lead from an authentic place.

Insight > Foresight

Cultivating an accurate and deep understanding of yourself, other people, and the world, can lead to increased intuition and even foresight. Awareness of patterns, trends, and emerging opportunities, with the ability to instinctively understand people and things both in the present and the future leads to greater vision and success for a conscious leader.

Service to Others

Servant leadership focuses on the growth and well-being of others by sharing power and serving other’s needs, which enables people to fulfil their own potential and perform at their best. It is about relinquishing control and demonstrating humility in the way you work. To serve others is to give them the support they need to meet their work and personal goals.


A compassionate leader has a genuine interest in seeing their people not just perform and increase profits but thrive and get meaning out of their work experience. Compassion begins with empathy, and seeks to understand people, knowing that understanding is the doorway into having the greatest impact on guiding and encouraging others.

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