Core Modules

This module is offered to encourage employees not only to strengthen their health, but to also embrace an important part of Chinese culture that is often shrouded in mystery. Traditional Chinese Medicine stems from a 2,500-year old system that includes various forms of herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, exercise and dietary therapy. 

The TCM program is introduction to the basics, while applying ancient Chinese wisdom to modern day life. Employees will learn practical lifestyle tips for mental and physical well-being and how to be more attuned to their overall health.

Our bodies were designed to move, and moving our bodies keeps us healthy. What we see as the ‘conveniences’ of modern life are actually what makes us live in a state of virtual immobility. 

This module will give you a better understanding of how musculoskeletal issues develop, and the most important factors of a healthy musculoskeletal frame, including posture-friendly tips for the work environment and exercises for busy professionals on the go.

Nutrition makes up a cornerstone of our lives, but with so many contradictory opinions and facts about the many different styles of eating, it can be difficult to navigate. This module does back to basics to demonstrate how to boost health and performance through simple and nutritional diet and lifestyle choices. 

Employees will learn how nutrition influences overall health, from physiological functions like sleep and digestion, to cognitive functions like creativity and concentration, and will be empowered to make food choices that are healthy for their body and mind.

Stress may be an inevitable part of life, and because it is different for all individuals, there is no single solution to managing it. While a bit of stress keeps you going, research has demonstrated that stress sustained over a long period of time and at a level exceeding your coping resources can lead to chronic and severe illness. 

This program empowers your employees to manage stress successfully, and empower them with a variety of focusing and calming techniques that can integrate seamlessly into any daily routine.

We all know sleep is important – still, most of us are unaware of how many vital functioning systems in the body are regulated by sleep and our circadian rhythm. And when it comes to sleep, quality is often more important than quantity. 

This program gives a fascinating overview of the science of sleep, enhances our understanding of what constitutes good quality sleep, and what happens physiologically and emotionally when we don’t have enough of it. With advice and practical tips on how everyone – no matter their sleep patterns – can get better quality sleep, every individual can achieve a healthier body and mind. 

Office Nutrition

Bring nutritional care services right to your employees with healthy catering and meal planning, and reap the benefits at an organisational level.

Group Activities

Approaching and exploring wellness together has mutual benefits for organisations, teams and individuals. Group activities include various tai chi, yoga, and meditation classes. 

On-Site Health Services

We will bring our experts to you for more personalised one-on-one health consultations, treatments, therapies and targeted health interventions.