Group Activities

Yoga can be the best medicine for stressful days. The yoga classes we offer are about stretching and finding stillness in the mind through fluid movements in and out of poses. This form of yoga practice is a good place to start for those new to yoga, as it focuses on simple stretching and breathing rather than feats of strength or extreme flexibility. Together, we will move consciously through the breath to bring you back to clarity for the rest of your work day. 

Tai Chi is based on the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine and can heal physical pains as well as clear your mind from stress. Tai Chi strengthens the body by activating the Qi energy in your meridians and channeling it to your organs.

All Tai Chi stretches are created to strengthen your body and create perfect balance with your mind. Tai Chi is easy to learn and will be a life-changing experience if you bring it into your daily routine. 

The class will first cover special breathing techniques to calm your mind. Then, energetic and rhythmic Tai Chi movements and exercises vitalize the body, immediately inducing you into a place of strength and readiness for whatever the day may bring. The practices are easy to learn, yet effective and beneficial for your whole life.

Meditation has been proven scientifically to reduce stress and regulate emotions, benefiting emotional, mental and physical health. It offers myriad benefits including enhanced resiliency, creativity, teamwork, and higher productivity when faced with adversity.

Meditation is a method of self-development that helps to overcome stress and release tension stored in the mind or body. This system of mind and body unification emphasises calmness with a focus on appropriate posture, breathing, and mental attitude.

Lunch and learns will engage employees around a variety of wellness topics that can spark curiosity, boost motivation, and encourage a culture of wellness. 

Core Modules

The core modules are the foundational components of workplace wellness. Each module can include any combination of group activities and on-site health services related to the topic.

Office Nutrition

Bring nutritional care services right to your employees with healthy catering and meal planning, and reap the benefits at an organisational level.

On-Site Health Services

We will bring our experts to you for more personalised one-on-one health consultations, treatments, therapies and targeted health interventions.