How To Work With Us

We support organisations in creating a culture of wellness through workplace wellness, engagement and leadership initiatives.


Workplace Wellness, Conscious Leadership, and Intervention Programs are at the core of Balance Potential, and through them we can support you in your journey to understanding where your organisation is at today, and finding the right solutions to create the culture you’re looking for.

Workplace Wellness

Workplace Wellness includes any health promotion activity or program designed to support healthy behaviour in the workplace. Through the right data collection and analysis, continuous investment in appropriate health and wellness interventions, and powered by authentic leadership, workplace wellness programs become the framework for a culture that is energetic and high-performing, comprised by individuals who are dedicated to their company's mission and motivated to deliver results. A business that thrives can only be driven forward by people who are thriving themselves.  

Conscious Leadership

Conscious Leadership is a global movement towards a new style of human-centric leadership. The Balance Potential Conscious Leadership series is an exploratory and immersive leadership platform designed for Hong Kong’s most forward-thinking business leaders. It addresses various dynamics of corporate culture and people management. Today’s business world faces increasing uncertainty, as old models are challenged by changing values of human capital, disruptive technology, and greater diversity in work styles. This is a dawn of a new era, and it demands a different style of leadership.

Intervention Programs

The majority of deaths worldwide are caused by non-communicable diseases, most of which are preventable. This astounding reality means that a shift in the health management landscape to a more prevention focus is necessary for individuals to have longer lives, longer careers, and more productive time at work. Innovative disease prevention and management programs can be the solution organisations need to enable meaningful behavior change among their workforce that is sustainable for a lifetime, and make progress against the growing epidemic of chronic illness.