Intervention Programs

Intervention programs in the workplace are focused on disease and burnout prevention, and utilise diagnostic data-driven tools to target the specific health needs of your organisation.


Disease Prevention

 Of the 58 million deaths worldwide in recent years, 60% were caused by non-communicable diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. An even greater 80 percent of these non-communicable diseases, are preventable. Because of this astounding reality, we want to shift the health management landscape to be more prevention focused. If people don’t get sick in the first place, they will have longer lives, longer careers, and more productive time at work.

Burnout Prevention

Burnout is a reaction to prolonged or chronic job stress, and is characterized by physical or emotional exhaustion, cynicism (less identification with the job), feelings of reduced professional ability, and even loss of personal identity..

Burnout can affect both physical and mental health, as well as performance of employees at all levels of organizations. Prevention strategies are considered the most effective approach for addressing workplace burnout.

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