On-Site Health Services

One-on-one health consultations give employees a chance to gain personalised insights from subject matter experts.  

Wellness treatments offer a relaxing break from the work day, and are a great way to show appreciation and treat your staff to something extra special. The following treatments are available: corrective massage, chair massage, accupuncture and herbal remedies. 

Health assessments give employees a quantitative understanding of their personal health risks and profiles. Assessments are available for sleep quality, posture and alignment, heart rate variability, body type, and lifestyle and holistic health profiles.

Coaching aims to provide guidance and facilitate learning for employees to gain personal insights and improve their own performance. Executive coaching is available, as well as coaching for lifestyle management, holistic health, and chronic illness and disease prevention.

Core Modules

The core modules are the foundational components of workplace wellness. Each module can include any combination of group activities and on-site health services related to the topic.

Office Nutrition

Bring nutritional care services right to your employees with healthy catering and meal planning, and reap the benefits at an organisational level.

Group Activities

Approaching and exploring wellness together has mutual benefits for organisations, teams and individuals. Group activities include various tai chi, yoga, and meditation classes.