On-Site Health Services

One-on-one health consultations give employees a chance to understand their health issues and concerns on a more personal level.  Health consultations are available with our leading practitioners for each of the core modules: Traditional Chinese Medicine, Musculoskeletel Health, Nutritional Health, Stress Management & Mental Health, and Sleep Health. 

Wellness therapies & treatments offer a relaxing break from the work day, and are a great way to show appreciation and treat your staff to something extra special. The following treatments & therapies are available: craniosacral therapy, corrective massage, chair massage, and accupuncture treatment. 

With the help of claims analysis, health risk assessments and qualitative feedback surveys, you will gain a better understanding of what the collective health risks are across employee populations. With this information you’re able to make strategic investments into appropriate health interventions that are specifically designed to address the health risks of your organisation. Current targeted health interventions include Cholesterol Management and Stress & Resiliency. 

Core Modules

The core modules are the foundational components of workplace wellness. Each module can include any combination of group activities and on-site health services related to the topic.

Specialty Modules

In addition to our core modules, we offer specialty modules that cover more specialized topics such as effective parenting, personal development, mindfulness and DIY workshops. 

Group Activities

Approaching and exploring wellness together has mutual benefits for organisations, teams and individuals. Group activities include various tai chi, yoga, and meditation classes.