Workplace Wellness

No one workplace wellness program looks the same. Programs are based on company culture, the overall health profile of an organisation, and the health related interests of staff. Learn more about some of the building blocks of these programs below., and build the framework for a purposeful, engaged, and thriving workforce suited to your specific goals and needs.


Core Modules

The core modules are the foundational components of our workplace wellness programs. Each module may include a talk and an on-site health service related to the topic.  The core modules are: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Musculoskeletal Health, Nutritional Health, Stress Management & Mental Health, and Sleep Health.

Office Nutrition

Nutrition impacts every area of personal health and well being, and is easy to integrate into everyday life. Bring nutritional care services right to your employees with healthy catering and meal planning, and reap the benefits at an organisational level.


Group Activities

Approaching and exploring wellness together has mutual benefits for organisations, teams and individuals. Group activities include lunch and learns, as well as various kinds of yoga, meditation, and tai chi classes.

On-Site Health Services

Whether you’re looking for an on-site massages, a series of nutrition consultations, or anything in between, we will bring our experts to you for more personalised one-on-one health services. These include various treatments, consultations, assessments and coaching. 


Wellness Consultancy

As your company’s wellness consultant, Balance Potential becomes an extension of your team with best practice expertise for designing, delivering and maintaining wellness programs that are uniquely designed for your company culture, and personalised for employee needs and interests.

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